Data plates are designed for machinery or other equipment. Like instruction and caution plates, data plates are meant to convey important safety and operating information. What information? A whole bunch depending on what you need, including business location. Here are only a few bits of information that data plates for your business can contain.

  1. Serial numbers – these can be used to quickly identify different types of equipment. If you have multiple pieces of equipment or machinery, this information can be handy, not to mention crucial to find quickly.
  2. Permit numbers – if you have oats or other specialty vehicles requiring a permit, you may legally have to display this information somewhere. Why not display it on a metal plate, fastened to the vehicle so you can’t lose it?
  3. Warnings and caution advisories – although a caution plate alone can do the trick sometimes, sometimes, a plate calls for more information. A great example is electrical equipment. A data plate can give warnings, but it also can let the reader know critical information about voltage, currents, and flammability information.
  4. Barcodes and scan codes – with the wonders of technology, all you need to do is scan something with a barcode reader – or even your smartphone – and receive all the information you need. A scan code on your data plate can allow the reader to get all the information they need without having to parse through an entire sign.

Need a data plate that conveys the information that you need your workers, visitors, or technicians to know? Contact us today and see what we can do for you!