Whether you sell accessories and keychains or metal parts for manufacturing processes, etching and forming are important parts of your business model. That’s why it’s important to pick the right one from a wide range of options.

How can you be sure you’re using the right etching or forming process?

  • Break down the details of your order. If you want simple designs but very quickly and in a high bulk order, a process like die cutting or injection molding would better fit your products. These processes can quickly fill a large order of duplicated parts with a wide range of materials. If you need a complex design with sharp edges and intricate lines, however, a process like chemical etching is better. Different methods fit different orders, so you might employ one or two different strategies based on what you need today.
  • Keep your materials in mind. Some final products are built by adding material, such as with injection molding. Anything that involves a mold means using pliable material to create the product. Other manufacturing processes, such as etching, take away excess material and can better handle brittle and hard materials like metal.
  • Ask an expert. No matter how your product manufacturing chain is organized, each external step should be handled by a company that is happy to answer your questions. New processes of etching and design are always being made available on the commercial market, and asking for recommendations or about new procedures might help you find an etching process that works better for your product and schedule.

If you have designs in mind but you aren’t sure what the best way to get them etched is, go to Detroit Name Plate Etching for sample images and to get started.