A signage project that requires the technique of metal forming means taking great care in selecting the right team of craftsman. Metal forming is not your average metal fabrication process. Partner with the wrong company and you may end up with signage that deteriorates rapidly or is ill-fitting and illegible. Here are 3 tips for selecting the right metal forming craftsmen:

1. Experience: Trade reputation matters. How long has the company been in business? Will they provide a customer list for references? Do they have a project gallery that can be viewed? Are samples available of their work? Does their experience span a variety of industries, including highly specialized fields like medicine and defense?

2. Capabilities: A company’s experience should also be a clear reflection of their capabilities. Metal forming requires specialized equipment and specific skill sets. It is important to know that qualified professionals, trained in modern, innovative methods, will be performing their craft on the highest quality equipment designed with the latest technology. Capability considerations should also factor in the size of a company’s workforce with regard to the scope of your own project, as well as any current projects the company has underway.

3. Pricing: Any quote furnished should be competitive with what is trending in the current market. Pricing is often directly related to the final quality of a finished product. Examine the fine details. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and clarify something that may even seem trivial.

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