Metal tags

Do you have a business and would like to use tags for your products? This is just the first step in getting the tags designed according to your preferences. In addition to choosing the preferred designs that you would love on your tags, you have to decide which type of metal will be used. There are a few things you should take into consideration before you settle on any type of metal. This way you can get the best out of your metal nameplates.

Here are some of the factors to consider when making metal decisions:


Prices of metals vary depending on the production costs and availability of raw materials used in their production. For instance, stainless steel is more expensive compared to aluminum because of the abundance of the mineral used to create aluminum. The size of metal tags will also determine how much you will spend. Therefore, you should get a sizeable tag that is within your budget.


Another important factor that you should not overlook when choosing a metal for your tags is the color. You need to decide whether to settle on silver metals or those with a golden shine, especially if you plan on leaving the metal bare. If your preference is a silvery look, then you should go for stainless steel or aluminum. However, if you’d like a golden tinge to your tags, brass or bronze should be your primary options.


There are different marking methods your manufacturer can use when designing your metal plates ranging from digital printing, etching, engraving and much more. Most metal plates that are used to custom make tags can be marked with any method that your manufacturer has. However, there are methods that work best for some metals. Once you settle on a particular marking method, you should consult your manufacturer so they can advise on the type of metal that works well with the chosen method.

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