For maximum brand impact, when precision and clarity matter, opt for the process of diamond cutting. Name plates, signs and identification tags are not just functional pieces of hardware. They are important elements of any brand strategy. It is often the first opportunity for visual impact. If you want to make a first impression of distinction, diamond cutting your company logo or message will send the right message.

1. Impressions: Engraving not only creates an impression upon the material used for a company’s message, it also creates an impression on those who view the product. Traditionally, engraving has been considered a labor intensive art. In the early days the few local craftsmen capable of creating beautifully, etched metals were regarded with respect and admiration. Although today’s processes have come a long way, there is still an instinctual response of respect triggered by a crisply cut, three-dimensional finely crafted metal product.

2. Quality: To achieve the highest quality in fine detail, color vibrancy and precision, the diamond cut method stands apart from other etching techniques. Although the average person may not be able to quite put their finger on it, their intuition will still be telling them that whatever it is that logo represents, it is definitely better than its competitors. That is how superior quality affects people. The visual senses of humans are acutely conscious of the differences in quality even if they don’t understand the tiny details.

3. Impact: Whether a company is wanting to communicate a branded message to the world or share important data for employees, the crispness of definition created by the diamond cutting process results in a final product that reads clearly. If you want your company’s information to be noticed, a diamond cut product will deliver.

If you are ready to include the diamond cutting method in a polished brand strategy, please contact us. Our identification professionals can assist you with anything from ID tags to large-scale signage.