When you’re mass-producing items, you have a lot of different manufacturing methods to choose from. Depending on your materials, the complexity of the final product, and your budget, you can have your products built through everything from injection molding to electroforming. Die-cutting, or machine-pressed a designed mold into the material to cut out a form, is also a popular choice for simple parts and products. But you can use die-cutting for more than just your final product. Here are three other uses to make your business easier:

Die-cut custom boxes to make your shipping more efficient.

Shipping is often one of the most significant costs of running a business with physical products. Larger corporations offer memberships with free shipping or deals that keep the customers’ shipping costs low. Not offering the same benefit puts your business at a disadvantage, and taking on the shipping costs yourself can be prohibitively expensive.

Find the most efficient shipping options possible by creating boxes that are custom-fit to your products. Not only can they do a better job marketing your business and add to the customer’s experience, smaller boxes cost less to ship. You can make boxes with specific dimensions through die-cutting.

Make customized business cards.

Even though a lot of commerce takes place online, physical marketing is still worth the effort. Instead of having boring, two-dimensional cards that you think your target market will just throw away, make them more interesting. Through die-cutting, you can have creative cut-outs, pop-ups, and perforated lines that give your cards shape when they aren’t being stored in a wallet.

Send custom receipts and gift tags with your products.

The Christmas season is one of the most profitable, especially if you’re selling gift-worthy items. If you offer direct shipping to the intended recipient or have a gift receipt option, make it exciting. Memorable packaging adds to the overall buying experience and can help get you repeat business for being unique.

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