If your business offers customized products, you know how quickly trends come and go. Even on the classic standbys like t-shirts and personalized tags, either the styles or processes can change by the time you’ve developed a regular rhythm. While outsourcing gets a negative reputation for hurting small businesses and driving down employment opportunities, outsourcing production to local tooling and printing companies is about finding affordable experts. Here’s how it benefits your business:

You don’t have to invest in the hardware.

Capital and expenses are a larger part of small businesses than it seems on the outside. Even if you run your business primarily online, you have a lot of business costs for marketing, maintaining your site, covering employees and equipment, and paying taxes. With all of those monthly and quarterly obligations, setting aside revenue to invest in growth is challenging. It’s especially hard to dedicate money to machining equipment that you won’t see a return on for years even if demand stays consistent. Instead, sending your pooled orders to local businesses can help you test out new ideas and trends without investing too much too early.

You can tell your customers you’re keeping it local.

Whether it’s fair or not, a lot of people in the United States hold outsourcing against the companies that use it. ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ can be enough of a marketing tool to get business all by itself. That means you can keep your customer base and still send production needs to a third party. And if you keep it local, you also save on transportation costs, misunderstandings, and time.

You can offer multiple products.

If you go all in on a new product or style of personalization, that often cuts down on your other options. Many having a niche product or core process isn’t enough anymore. The more variety you can offer customers, the more likely you are to both attract a wider pool of demand and get recurring sales. Go to Detroit Name Plate Etching to start filling out more customer orders across a wide range of processes.